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Special Programs

There's more to the Corps!


Want to work in the wilderness for five months? Corpsmembers may apply to spend five months living and working in Yosemite and other locations through the renowned Backcountry Trails Program.


You may have the opportunity to work in different parts of California during your year in the Corps; it’s also possible to see a little of the world. Each year the CCC participates in a work exchange with Conservation Volunteers Australia.


The Salmon Restoration Program offers corpsmembers a chance to help salmon and steelhead thrive by improving their habitat.


The CCC’s Statewide Trails Program, a partnership with California State Parks, helps corpsmembers hone their skills building and maintaining trails throughout the state.


Centers and local corps programs will find resources on how to take advantage of Proposition 84 funding from the 2006 Bond Act.


Through the EnergySmart Jobs program, corpsmembers survey refrigeration units in grocery stores and other businesses to help save energy and dollars.


And the CCC is involved with several different AmeriCorps programs, ranging from the Watershed Stewards Program to Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Program to VISTA volunteers.


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