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AmeriCorps Programs

2010 Monterey Bay CCC/AmeriCorps Weatherization Graduates


The California Conservation Corps works under partnership with AmeriCorps on several special programs.


The Watershed Stewards Project links education with high-quality scientific practices.  Members involve community residents and students in their outreach activities to promote watershed awareness. There are both classroom and hands-on restoration projects undertaken each year.


The AmeriCorps VISTA Program will provide 21 VISTA volunteers to the CCC this year, to assist at Corps locations throughout the state.  The VISTAs will develop community partnerships and resources to help transition corpsmembers from the CCC to jobs, apprenticeships and education opportunities.


Members of the California Energy Services Corps Program will receive certificated training for their work installing energy-efficient and clean energy systems. They will also conduct energy audits.


The California Energy and Environmental Conservation Recovery Corps has the CCC and three local conservation corps programs improving energy efficiency in low-income communities, focusing on a wide range of weatherization measures.  Corpsmembers will also restore public lands through fire hazard reduction, habitat restoration, trail work and more.


AmeriCorps Programs