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Education and Training

All of the non-high school graduates at the San Diego Center are required to attend our charter high school, provided through the Urban Corps of San Diego.  School hours are Monday through Thursday 3:45 to 6 p.m. School is provided on site.  Each student is assessed and given a personalized education program to meet their unique needs.  Every student is assigned to a homeroom teacher.  Students identified as unlikely to meet the requirements for a high school diploma in their first year will be placed on a GED track.  For those students challenged by the English language, ESL classes are provided, as well as computer-based learning.


Recent San Diego high school graduates


For high school graduates the San Diego Center has teamed up with Cuyamaca College and a community-based organization called the YES program.  These relationships allow the San Diego Center to offer corpsmembers a variety of continuing educational opportunities.  These include classes in solar installation, water conservation, landscape and water managementand many others.


Additionally, corpsmembers may receive training in 40-hour HAZWOPER (hazardous waste cleanup) instruction, financial management, career development, conservation awareness, emergency response, chain saw operations, first aid/CPR, Class B licensing, and Class C licensing.


Recent Cuyamaca College HAZWOPER training

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