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Education and Training

The Monterey Bay Center provides required classes for corpsmembers following their workday to complement the training  they receive on the grade.  During class hours, corpsmembers take part in a variety of scholastic activities to help fulfill CCC-related competencies such as Career Development and Conservation Awareness.  Corpsmembers may work on and complete CCC written assignments (essays related to natural resource conservation), project logs, journals, resumes, online career fairs and letters written for extensions or promotional opportunities.   Corpsmembers are also encouraged to study for the CAHSEE exam, the GED and the SAT tests; the class B and C driver’s license tests as well as other assessments.


Corpsmembers may require assignments in remedial topics. Assignments are determined by the teacher based on oral and written assessments.  Corpsmembers who have completed all required CCC competencies are encouraged to attend college courses, or take advantage of more advanced activities related to higher education.  At the end of each fiscal year, high school graduates who’ve earned diplomas are honored at a graduation ceremony.


Apart from evening periods, various training opportunities, seminars and workshops are offered to corpsmembers throughout each year.  These are designed to ensure their successful program completion and to assist them in becoming more responsible, well-rounded and highly-employable adults following their experience in the CCC.





40-hour chain saw training

Monterey Bay Center