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Project Portfolio


Work in Redwood National Park


Our corpsmembers have constructed and maintained miles of mountain trails in remote locations of the Six Rivers National Forest, the King Range National Conservation Area and the Headwaters Forest Reserve. Exotic plants are removed from transportation corridors along Highways 101 and 299, from miles of spectacular beach front and from isolated roads and trails. Projects for county agencies, city agencies and community services districts in the region have found corpsmembers constructing and maintaining parks and trails, installing landscaping and irrigation systems and building structures such as recycling facilities.


Going to work on the North Coast Dunes

Corpsmembers from Fortuna Center will work on high mountain trails and upon coastal dunes. We have planted hundreds of thousands of trees. Where historic land-use practices may have damaged fish habitat whether in parkland, ranchland, or timberland, corpsmembers work hard to re-establish favorable conditions.  Corpsmembers may be trained to safely operate chainsaws for trail projects, fisheries restoration work, and timber stand improvement projects.


Partnering Agency -- AmeriCorps
Partnerships with AmeriCorps have provided new avenues to reach and serve our community. AmeriCorps programs operating through the Fortuna Center include the Backcountry Trails Program, Watershed Stewards Project, Safe Corps and YouthServe AmeriCorps. Each of these programs fills a distinctive niche.



Rappeling in the King Range Wilderness

Partnering Agency -– Bureau of Land Management
Many projects take us to the Headwaters Forest Reserve and the King Range National Conservation Area. Work at Ma-le’l Dunes Cooperative Management Area and the Lost Coast help to protect critical habitat of many endangered plant and animal species.


Partnering Agency -- California Department of Fish & Game
The Coastal Fisheries Restoration Program is a series of success stories spanning over 25 years. This program began as a partnership between the CCC, California Department of Fish and Game, and private and public landowners. This emphasis on partnerships continues and accounts for the program’s success, providing environmental improvement, economic benefits, and stories of personal triumph for the corpsmembers who participate.


The fisheries restoration program is the largest and longest running fish habitat restoration project in the country. The program won the Renew America National Environmental Achievement Award in 1991 and 1992, Chevron/Times Mirror Conservation Award in 1995, and an Environmental Achievement Award from the California National Guard.


In the Headwaters Forest Reserve

Partnering Agency –- California Department of Parks and Recreation
Corpsmembers working in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, and the newly acquired Mill Creek watershed provide trail work, timber stand improvement projects and fisheries restoration work.


Partnering Agency -– California Department of Transportation
Landscape and stormwater projects provide experience for corpsmembers who may want to earn entry-level positions with Caltrans. Many former corpsmembers are employed by this agency.


Partnering Agency -- United States Fish and Wildlife Service
The Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is critical for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway.  Trees planted in riparian areas impacted by grazing will help re-establish natural conditions for native flora and fauna. Work at the Lanphere Unit has helped insure the survival of the Humboldt Wallflower and Beach Layia, two endangered plant species.


Partnering Agency -- United States Forest Service
The Six Rivers National Forest provides many project opportunities including trail construction, maintenance and repair, campground renovation, and protection of native forests from the spread of exotic plant species. Work camps are set up in remote locations and projects are completed near the campsite for a week at a time. An internship is a highly-prized position awarded to the self-motivated, hard-working individual that earns this opportunity to work directly with USFS personnel and learn how to gain permanent employment with this agency.


Crew members on an eight-day 'spike' in the woods.


Emergency Response

HAZWOPER training gives corpsmembers the skills and knowledge necessary to safely work on oil spills or other hazardous waste operations and emergency response. Oil spills requiring CCC response have occurred twice on our beautiful Humboldt Bay and our crews have responded to spills statewide. This certification transfers readily to the private sector which can provide well-paid technical careers in the field.


Flood Training is presented annually by staff trained by Department of Water Resources. The skills and techniques learned here have been used locally and also as part of statewide flood emergency response operations. This information is also extremely valuable when taken to our homes and communities.


Crews also receive Fire Camp Support training within their first two weeks on the job and are often mobilized to provide this support to CAL FIRE and U.S. Forest Service fire camps throughout California during each year’s fire season.

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