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Veterans Program

Transitioning from Military Service to the Civilian Workforce
A Partnership with Veterans Green Jobs

To join our veterans crews -- e-mail: Vet Info or call (530) 241-3030.


The CCC has numerous crews made up of young U.S. military veterans.  Several crews are working directly with the U.S. Forest Service -- they're receiving training and hands-on work experience in forestry and firefighting skills and fire hazard reduction work. 
There are also positions for veterans in fisheries work, both in North Coast locations as well as coastal areas in Santa Barbara, Ventura and northern Los Angeles counties.


Positions on all crews are paid.


Interested in joining a veterans crew?  There are both residential and nonresidential locations.
Qualifications include:
  • Veterans ages 18 to 25 (with limited exceptions for veterans up to age 29)


  • Not on formal probation or parole


  • Honorable Discharge or General Discharge under Honorable Conditions


  • Able to pass background check, drug test, physical exam and training
The veterans crews grew out of a partnership with Veterans Green Jobs in 2011, to help returning young veterans transition from military service to civilian life.  
Two of the CCC's early directors, the late B.T. Collins and Jack Dugan, were both military veterans themselves . The Corps' veterans program is dedicated to their memory.
Forestry Crews
For veterans on the forestry crews, it's a chance to work on fire hazard reduction projects, learn to use a chain saw and help with wildfire education work.  
The CCC/USFS crews work on forest lands near Lake Tahoe in Northern California, and in San Bernardino and San Diego counties in Southern California.  There are both residential and nonresidential opportunities, depending on location.
Funding for the crews is provided by the Forest Service through the CCC/USFS partnership as well from the operating budget of the California State Assembly.




 CCC Veterans Program Video
San Diego Veterans Video
San Diego Veterans Crew/North County News 
Fisheries Crews
Veterans will work along California's North Coast or coastal areas in Santa Barbara, Ventura or northern Los Angeles counties to monitor and restore habitat crucial for rebuilding endangered fish populations. Participating veterans learn how to collect information on juvenile fish, identify habitat type, conduct  topgraphical and spawner surveys and restore habitat.
The program is a partnership with the CCC and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
The paid technical training and marketable work experience the veterans receive is expected to serve as a bridge to a new career in the environmental field.