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The Steps to Becoming a Corpsmember 

Step 1 -- Initial Contact:  Locate a recruiter nearest to where you live by clicking here. You might also meet a recruiter at a local career fair or community event.


Step 2 -- Orientation:  Attend an orientation. Orientations are usually an hour long and interested applicants may begin the application process.


Step 3 -- Call to Schedule an Interview:  At the orientation the recruiter will explain the interview process to you.  Depending on your location, you’ll be asked to either come to the recruitment office for an interview or an interview will take place over the phone.  Please call between Monday and Thursday during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Contact your recruiter for more details.


Step 4 -- Office Interview:  Arrive on time or a few minutes early; look professional; bring required documents which your recruiter will request from you.  This will include having a valid California ID or license, other I-9 documentations, and high school diploma or transcripts.  Make sure your cell phone is turned off and be prepared to sign more documents (bring an ink pen).


Step 5 -- Weekly Check-In: If placed on a wait list you’ll be expected to check in with your recruiter on a regular basis.


Step 6 -- Selection Process: This is based on an applicant’s ability to follow directions (showing up on time for your interview, checking in on a regular basis, bringing your documents with you to your interview, etc.); your actual interview; eligibility; professional attitude and demeanor; motivation to work hard; develop personal goals; and interest in public service.


Step 7 -- COMET Training: Once assigned to a center, you will be required to attend and successfully pass the initial 1-2 week COMET training.​​

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