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Davon Siler

Placer Center

Hometown: San Bernardino


“I’m working on finishing my high school.  That’s actually why I like being on the kitchen crew because when we have down time and breaks it is easy to catch up on school work.  I’m here to gain more experience in the construction field and to get my high school diploma.  Before the C’s I was not going down the right road but the C’s gave me hope to keep going and to try in life.”




Candace Castaneda

Sacramento Satellite

Hometown: Sacramento


“I’ve been in the CCC for 7 months now. Before I joined the program I was just hanging out and sleeping all day; there wasn’t much to do.  After I joined the program it only took me three months to complete my high school credits and I received my diploma. I’m currently working on my red hat training, which means I get to lead my own crew with little or no supervision.


I’ve experienced personal growth over the last few months and I have learned to appreciate working in a group rather than by myself."


Michael Jackson

San Bernardino                             

Hometown:  San Bernardino


“I joined the CCC in November of 2004 after graduating high school.  My first year in the CCC, I obtained a drivers license, became an acting crewleader and a blue-card driver. My second year in the CCC, I was promoted to work as a intern for Patton State Hospital doing landscaping and I was accepted into the Backcountry Trails program working in the Stanislaus National Forest.  I took advantage of other opportunities -- I completed fire training and joined the Inland fire crew.  Shortly after I was accepted into the Australian Exchange Program. 


I’m now a CCC recruiter based in San Bernardino and can share all  my experiences with our applicants.”


Sean Bauers

Placer Center

Hometown:  Redding


“I’ve been in the CCC so far for 4 months and I already have my chainsaw certification and I’m leading COMET.  I wanted to join the CCC to get away from home and to focus on my goals.  I want to learn skills so that I can have work experience to show for when applying for jobs in the future.  I’m working on getting my green hat (specialist position) and I hope to extend my stay in the C’s for an extra year so that I can complete my high school diploma and take advantage of all the C’s have to offer.”


Daishawn McFadden

Sacramento Satellite

Hometown:  Sacramento


“Two and a half years ago I was looking for a job and a way to finish my high school education. I joined the CCC and finished all of my credits to receive my high school diploma. Over the last few years I completed training and I’m now certified in first aid, CPR, leadership, emergency response and career development. I recently promoted to a Special Corpsmember Maintenance Specialist and am now working at the CCC Headquarters Office.“



Alex Cook 

Former Los Padres corpsmember, now employed by The Tree People

Hometown: Los Angeles


“The CCC allowed me to face any situation without it affecting my mood.  If you can hike 30 miles through poison oak, stinging needles and rain, and it doesn’t affect your mood, then you’ve made it!


I had experience with Backcountry, Australia and living on both residential and nonresidential centers.


Try to absorb all you can.  From the people to the projects to the staff to the other corpsmembers.  Be a sponge!”

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