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california conservation corps

checklist of items to take with you to your assigned center


You will be provided a locker, bedding, uniforms, and safety gear.  (It is recommended that you bring your own pillow and blanket.)  Do not bring valuables that can’t fit inside your locker.


necessary items

__CCC Hire Packet (must not be opened)

__CA License or CA ID

__Social Security Card

__Original or Certified Birth Certificate 

__H. S. Diploma, GED or Transcripts (if not already in your hire packet)

__Padlock (to lock up your valuables)

__Cordless Alarm Clock

__Quarters (on-site laundry, pay phones) 

__Emergency Contact Phone Number

         __White Plain T-Shirts (crew neck) 


__Bee sting kit if you are allergic to bee stings

__Poison oak medication if you are allergic to poison oak 

__3 month supply of prescribed medication (if applicable) or as much as you can bring - Bring a prescription from your doctor for refills or be prepared to transfer your prescription to a local pharmacy after you arrive at the center.  Medications must be in the original container with the label showing you as the recipient of the medication.


personal items


__Clothing (pants, shirts/tops, shorts)

__Jackets & Sweats

__Undergarments (including long underwear)

__Socks (synthetic & wool)

__Athletic Shoes & Shower Shoes (flip flops)

__Athletic Clothing

__Toothpaste & Brush

__Bath Soap & Deodorant

__Shampoo & Conditioner

__Brush & Comb

__Other Personal Hygiene

__Washcloth & Towels

__Laundry Soap

__Sewing Kit


suggested items                                            

__Moleskin for Blisters

__Athlete’s Foot Powder



__Shaving Razors

__Pain Medication

__Writing Supplies & Stamps


do not bring                                                                                                                             


__Pocket Knives (if more than 3 inches)

__Firearms or other Weapons


__Drugs & Paraphernalia


__Large Amounts of Cash

__Large Stereos

__Inappropriate Clothing (sexual, violent, drug, alcohol, gang images or language)