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And More!


Fires, floods, oil spills, earthquakes, pests -- that’s already quite a list but there are still many other emergency response efforts involving CCC crews.


Over the years, California’s Central Valley has been hard hit by both freezing winter temperatures and drought conditions.  Both have had an impact on California agriculture and those who work in the fields.  As a result, the CCC, as specified in several Governor’s executive orders, has provided logistical support to local food banks and has helped with food distribution efforts in numerous communities.



In 2005, Louisiana was hard hit not only by Hurricane Katrina but also Hurricane Rita just weeks later.  Receiving special permission under a mutual aid agreement to send crews out of state, the CCC dispatched 120 corpsmembers to Louisiana for several weeks of cleanup and recovery work.



Chain saw work in Louisiana


Other CCC assistance has included:


          Numerous search-and-rescue efforts for missing persons


          Snow removal from roofs of public buildings


          Recovery work following the 1992 Los Angeles riots


          Logistical support during Humphrey the Whale’s 1985 appearance in the Delta

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