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 Emergency Response Roles and Capabilities

From its beginning, the CCC has been well established in California’s emergency response community. Working closely with the California Emergency Management Agency, or Cal EMA, the CCC’s emergency response role is identified in Cal EMA’s Administrative Order, which identifies and expands upon the emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation functions of the CCC.


The State Emergency Plan (July 2009) identifies the CCC as supporting 16 of the 17 California Emergency Functions that may be assigned during a disaster. With the CCC’s versatility, it’s able to adapt and respond with needed resources to assist local, state and federal agencies during times of crisis.


CCC’s Emergency Functions Capabilities    
Public Health & Medical
Search & Rescue
Construction & Engineering
Hazardous Materials
Fire & Rescue
Food & Agriculture
Care & Shelter
Law Enforcement
Public Information
Evacuation Volunteer & Donations Management


Other close emergency response partnerships the CCC has established are with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the United States Forest Service, the California Department of Water Resources, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Fish and Game.


The CCC continues to train its corpsmembers each year for fires, floods and emergency response.  It offers well-trained and managed crews for frontline and logistical support with a quick response time anywhere in California. The Corps’ mission is unique, providing exemplary emergency response efforts to California and its communities.




The young women and men of the Corps

work hard protecting and restoring California’s

environment and responding to disasters,

becoming stronger workers, citizens and

individuals through their service.

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