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Oil Spill Response


With the CCC’s solid reputation for emergency response on fires and floods, crews were called upon from the early 1980s to assist with oil spill cleanup as well.  Corpsmembers have cleaned up oil and rescued birds from numerous spills in San Francisco Bay and throughout the state


After the 1989 Exxon Valdez grounding, the CCC began to explore the possibility of greater involvement in cleanup and recovery efforts.  Subsequently, the CCC received a $100,000 grant from BP providing for development of the curriculum and for a limited-term program coordinator to administer this new training program.  Two hundred corpsmembers were trained at coastal centers -- in Humboldt County in the north and Ventura County in the south -- ready to respond when the need arose.



Since then, the CCC has worked closely with Fish and Game’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) program to train corpsmembers.  OSPR developed the new Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 24-hour Site Worker manual and began to train corpsmembers statewide. The goal of the training is to recognize, evaluate and protect the crews from hazards commonly found at wastes sites.


In November 2007, the CCC responded to the Governor’s request for assistance at the site of the Cosco Busan - San Francisco Bay spill.  Under the direction of the California Emergency Management Agency, corpsmembers were assigned to work alongside with National Response Corporation crews on Angel Island.  The NRC was impressed by the hard work and dedication the CCC provided.


  Chico corpsmembers help with oil spill cleanup from Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay in 2007.


CCC now currently conducts statewide 24-hour HAZWOPER training annually and reports its crew readiness to several state agencies. In 2010, HAZWOPER instructor, Lin McNamara traveled to 16 CCC locations and certified 44 crews, totaling 546 corpsmembers and 50 staff.  The CCC is committed to providing the best possible training to its corpsmembers and staff and making itself readily available to respond where needed in California.


HAZWOPER trainer Lin McNamara helps a corpsmember in a recent class.

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