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Oil Spills

Corpsmembers receive Hazmat training to assist with cleanup of hazardous waste and oil spills.  The CCC is usually dispatched by the Department of Fish and Game’s Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response. Some of the locations where corpsmembers have helped out include:


1981   San Luis Obispo


1984   San Francisco Bay


1990   Huntington Beach


1991   Cantara RR spill, Dunsmuir


1991   Santa Clara River


1992   Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo County


1994   Santa Clara River; Martinez


1996   San Francisco Bay


1998   Avila Beach


2007   San Francisco Bay


CCC cleanup efforts after 1990 Huntington Beach spill.


Corpsmembers helping with San Francisco Bay cleanup after the 2007 Cosco Buscan spill.

Historical Response