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More than three million sandbags have been filled by corpsmembers during floods and winter storms since the CCC was created. As with fires, the Corps has sent crews where needed throughout the state. They work to protect homes, businesses and farmland.


The CCC is usually dispatched by the Department of Water Resources or the California Emergency Management Agency.  Typical tasks including filling and placing sandbags, levee reinforcement, hillside stabilization, debris removal and community flood awareness training.

Much of the CCC’s flood work has included sandbagging and erosion control efforts on the levees of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  But flood work takes place throughout the state.  An early flood control effort was in 1980 at Lake Elsinore in Riverside County.  Other major flood years include 1982, 1983 (Colorado River), 1986, 1995, 1997, 1998 (El Niño storms, corpsmembers dispatched to 22 counties) and 2004 (Jones Tract levee break).. 

1978 Mendota flood work


Removing items from a Guerneville (Sonoma County) home following 1995 flooding


Placing protective plastic and sandbags on a Delta levee.

Historical Response