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CCC Scholarship

Corpsmembers can earn $2,000 during their first and second years in the CCC, for a total of up to $4,000.  This money is separate from paychecks, and can only be used toward furthering education or training.


This scholarship may be used to pay for the cost of attending college or technical training, and can be used for more than tuition and books.  Corpsmembers and alumni can use scholarships to pay for any items included in “cost of attendance” (as defined by the Department of Education).  Each school’s financial aid office can provide details on the cost of attendance, which may include housing, transportation and other costs. 

Corpsmembers who meet the performance eligibility requirements can receive $4,000 to continue their education or training -- $2,000 per year, two-year maximum.


To earn the scholarship corpsmembers must:


  • Complete 1 year in the CCC.
  • Achieve 3 successful work performance evaluations.
  • Complete the Conservation Awareness Program course.
  • Complete the Career Development and Transition Program course.
  • Complete 48 hours of volunteer service.
  • For the second-year scholarship, complete a second year in the CCC.


When these requirements are completed, corpsmembers should meet with their site’s designated Scholarship Coordinator to complete an application for a 1st or 2nd year scholarship, please use the CCC Scholarship Application.


After the scholarship application is received, corpsmembers will receive by e-mail a copy of their Award Letter and Packet.


Corpsmembers may use CCC scholarships at community colleges, public and private   universities, adult education programs, technical training programs, Regional Occupational Programs, trade schools and other accredited training programs.  The CCC will approve scholarships used for non-accredited training on a case-by-case basis. CCC Scholarships can be used at any school the AmeriCorps Education Award can be used at and more...

A good place to start is to Search a list of accredited schools.



When you are ready to access either your $2,000 or $4,000 CCC scholarship, please complete your portion of the following required forms and return to your school’s financial aid office.  


There are three forms that must be filled out by both the corpsmember and the school or training program. 

The forms are:




The school must also attach a copy of the student's class schedule as proof of enrollment.


In addition to the above forms, please complete: the Determination of Qualifying School Form, and Payee Data Form STD 204,  if the school is not accredited.


Completed forms (and a copy of the student's class schedule) should be mailed to:


California Conservation Corps
1719 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
ATTN: Scholarship Coordinator



After leaving the CCC, corpsmembers have two years to use their CCC scholarship.  Two-year extensions are available.  Some of the justifications for an extension are the following:


  • Enlistment as a full-time, active duty military personnel (National Guard and Reserves do not qualify unless currently on federal duty status);
  • The birth and care of a newborn child of the corpsmember;
  • Placement of a son or daughter with the corpsmember for adoption or foster care;
  • Care for an immediate family member (spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, sibling, parent, etc.) with a serious health condition;
  • Medical leave taken when the corpsmember is unable to work/attend classes because of a serious health condition;
  • Completion of an educational program a corpsmember began toward the end of the two-year scholarship timeframe if he/she has not used all funds but intends to continue the program;
  • An employer’s required extended active emergency response duties (such as Conservationist I or other state, federal or local emergency response positions);


  • Other circumstances that were beyond the corpsmember’s control may be considered.


The scholarship can be used while in the CCC (for 2nd-year corpsmembers only).  To find out more about requesting an extension, please e-mail

CCC Scholarship

Scholarship Resources

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