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AmeriCorps Education Award Scholarship

Corpsmembers who enroll in the Corps Network AmeriCorps Education Award Program can earn up to $5,550 for one year (2 half-time awards), and a total of up to $11,100 for two years  of full-time service (4 half-time awards) in the CCC AmeriCorps Program.  This money can only be used toward furthering education, training or repaying qualified student loans.


AmeriCorps scholarships can be used at traditional four-year colleges and universities, two-year colleges and technical schools, as well as in practical certificate programs ranging from beauty to bricklaying. Corpsmembers can use scholarships to pay for any items included in “cost of attendance” (as defined by the federal Department of Education).  Each school’s financial aid office can provide details on the cost of attendance, which may include housing, transportation and other costs.

Corpsmembers who meet eligibility requirements can receive up to $5,550 for full-term service or $2,775 for part-time service terms in one year to continue their education and training.  Full-time service is based on completion of 1,700 hours while part-time service is based on completion of 900 hours in a CCC AmeriCorps Program.  An individual is eligible for up to four 900-hour AmeriCorps Education Awards in a lifetime.



  • Full time              1,700 hours              $5,550
  • Part time             900 hours                 $2,775


To qualify for AmeriCorps, corpsmembers must be United States citizens, United States nationals or lawful permanent residents of the United States, and at least 17 years of age.  Corpsmembers must sign up for the AmeriCorps Education Award in advance with the Corpsmember Development staff at their Center.



Corpsmembers may use the AmeriCorps Education Award at any Title IV School.  Please use the U.S. Department of Education's School Code Search to view Title IV schools of interest.  (Click on the orange School Code Search option on the lower left to initiate the search). Typically, these are institutions that accept Pell Grants. For additional ways to us the Education Award please see Using your AmeriCorps Education Award.


To view schools based on your specific area of interest please visit the following Web sites:


To view schools that match (double!) the AmeriCorps Education Award visit:



Alternative Uses of the AmeriCorps Education Award in Non-University Settings

Corpsmembers may choose to use the AmeriCorps Education Award in non-university settings such as trade schools, applied arts and sciences, and other alternative education venues.  Please view the following document created by The Corps Network for information and resources on non-traditional uses of the AmeriCorps Education Award.

Individuals should request their Education Award payments electronically using My AmeriCorps. This is a secure, fast, and user friendly method for requesting payments to be remitted to qualified schools or loan holders. It also provides electronic records of payments requested. And there are no forms to mail.
To register, go to and click on “Register to create a new Member/Alum account” and follow the instructions.  For a step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and access the AmeriCorps Education Award, follow the My AmeriCorps Instructions.
Upon completion of the Education Award Program, if you do not create a My AmeriCorps account, paper forms will be mailed to you to access your award.  The Corporation for National & Community Service cannot guarantee the prompt and accurate processing of requests for payments and other actions using paper forms. Payments requested by paper, for example, can take up to six months or more for processing and they are less secure.

 The following link, the AmeriCorps Education Award Frequently Asked Questions page, is an additional resource that explains everything you need to know about the AmeriCorps Education Award.  


After successful completion of their AmeriCorps term of service, corpsmembers have up to seven years to use the AmeriCorps Education Award.  Corpsmembers may apply for an extension for special circumstances such as active military duty.  To find out more about expiration or requesting an extension, please see the AmeriCorps Education Award Frequently Asked Questions page or email


Partial Awards


If corpsmembers serve 15 percent or more of a 900 or 1,700 hour service term, they may be eligible for a partial award due to a compelling circumstance.  Partial awards will be considered on a case by case basis by your center. Reasons are limited.

Additional Resources


Education Awards are funded by The Corporation for National and Community Service and administered by The Corps Network to member Corps which includes the California Conservation Corps.


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