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Post-Corps Internship Opportunities


Internships after the CCC


The CCC has created many opportunities for corpsmembers to gain knowledge and skills in various fields.  In addition to internal Internships, the CCC has developed numerous partnerships that provide corpsmembers with opportunities to be hired in other agencies.


An example of this is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service. The CCC and U.S. Forest Service developed this agreement acknowledging their joint commitment to meet the needs of the California workforce and to provide training and support services designed to help corpsmembers enhance their employment opportunities.  This is done by working with centers on the development of internship programs allowing corpsmembers to shadow and be mentored by Forest Service employees to gain work experience and a better understanding of the Forest Service. This MOU optimizes the Forest Service objective of attracting a skilled, diverse workforce and the CCC objective of providing training and work experience opportunities that will transition corpsmembers into the workforce.


Benefit from internships after the CCC


An internship is provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Internships offer many benefits.

  • Career exploration
  • “Real-world” work experience
  • Marketable skill development
  • Resume building
  • References, contacts and networking connections
  • Job leads and assistance in the application process


Internships can be volunteer or paid. Internships also provide an opportunity to check out one or more workplaces or career fields.  Sometime this even leads to a job. Interns develop professional connections who can provide advice, job leads, references and assistance with the employment process.

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