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CCC Internships

Internships are available to select corpsmembers who demonstrate excellent work habits. Interns must be recommended by their supervisor and approved by the sponsoring agency.  State agencies such as California State Parks, the Department of Fish and Game and Caltrans often use CCC interns to assist with park maintenance work and other public works and natural resource conservation tasks.


For the CCC work sponsors, internships provide an opportunity to select one or two corpsmembers instead of a whole crew for a special project.  The corpsmember goes straight to the worksite in the morning and works the same shift as the sponsor’s employees.


Internship placements offer the corpsmember the advantage of receiving specialized training and developing closer working relationships with potential future employers.  This is a chance to work alongside skilled employees, including building trades professionals, and to learn from their expertise. The internships may lead to job opportunities; many corpsmembers have been hired into entry-level positions by these agencies after completing their internships.


Some of the CCC internships include working on revegetation and restoration projects, building maintenance and repair, trail and tree maintenance, street maintenance, landscaping and home weatherization.

Some Current CCC


The San Diego Center offers internship opportunities through Caltrans where corpsmembers gain experience in highway landscape maintenance and tree crew work.  Locations of internships are in Santee and Carlsbad.  In addition, there is a weatherization program through AmeriCorps and Campesinos Unidos, Inc. that involves corpsmembers in home-weatherization activities.  These AmeriCorps members provide weatherization services in low-income homes throughout San Diego and Imperial counties.


Fresno corpsmembers have the opportunity to intern with the Madera Redevelopment Agency.  Corpsmembers work to conserve, improve and develop natural resources, maintain environmentally important lands or waters and assist in the removal of blight within the project area.  Internship tasks include graffiti abatement, waste tire removal, alley cleanup and vacant lot cleanup.


The Pomona Center has various internships available for corpsmembers through Caltrans.  In Monrovia, Caltrans offers internships on tree crews.  Tasks include tree trimming, proper climbing, safety knots and brush chipper.  In Orange County, Caltrans has corpsmember opportunities on landscape maintenance crews.  Tasks include irrigation repair, pesticide spraying (safety-certified) and highway maintenance projects.  In Pomona, Caltrans offers internships where corpsmembers work directly with electricians and plumbers.


The Camarillo Center currently has internship opportunities with the City of Camarillo.  Corpsmembers assist with landscaping and street maintenance tasks.  While working with the Public Works Department, corpsmembers may drive city vehicles and obtain a class A driver’s license.


At the Redding Center, corpsmembers have the opportunity to intern with Caltrans maintenance crews in the Redding area.  Tasks include brushing, planting, spraying and trimming trees.  The CCC partners with Chico’s Bidwell Park to offer trail maintenance and construction internships.  Corpsmembers provide trail maintenance, brushing and constructing of new trails.

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