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Major CCC Legislation

Over the years, several legislative measures have had a major impact on the future of the CCC. Most important, of course, was the legislation establishing the Corps. 


The CCC Created


Senator Jerry Smith, with principal coauthor Ruben Ayala, carried SB 1575 (Chapter 342), the CCC's enabling legislation. It was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July 7, 1976.

This bill took Gov. Brown's vision for the program and created the California Conservation Corps within the Resources Agency. The expressed aim of the CCC was to further develop and maintain California's natural resources through the work of the young men and women of the state, benefiting them by providing meaningful educational and work opportunities.


The provisions of the legislation included authorization for the Corps to undertake emergency projects such as natural disasters and fire prevention and suppression. The measure contained a sunset clause, meaning the program would expire on January 1, 1981.


The CCC Extended


Senator Ruben Ayala led the effort to extend the life of the Corps through Senate Bill 1321 (Chapter 50), the CCC's reauthorization bill. This measure provided for continued operations until January 1, 1986. It was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown March 27, 1980.


The CCC Made Permanent


Senate Bill 424 (Chapter 1241) was authored by Senator Ray Johnson. It removed the CCC's sunset clause and made the Corps a permanent state agency. The bill was signed into law by Governor George Deukmejian on September 29, 1983.


Operating Statutes

Here is a link to our CCC Operating Statutes.

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