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CCC at a Glance
There’s a lot to know about the California Conservation Corps.   You may want to begin with Frequently Asked Questions, offering a starting point for young people thinking about joining the program, or for agencies interested in hiring a CCC crew.  There’s general CCC information as well.
Facts & Statistics
We’ve got some of our favorite statistics listed on this page, including  accomplishments since 1976.   And yes, corpsmembers have filled more than three million sandbags over the years.
CCC History
How did the California Conservation Corps get started? What about that motto?  And wasn’t B.T. Collins one of your directors?
Awards & Accolades
The CCC has been honored with a number of awards and accolades during more than three decades, including mentions by several U.S. presidents.
1930s CCC
Today’s CCC follows in the footsteps of the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps.  The “CCC Boys” left a tremendous legacy in California and throughout the nation.
Major CCC Legislation
The CCC had a “sunset clause” in its early years, then became a permanent state agency.  You’ll also find a link here to our current operating statutes.

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