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With funding from  the Governor's 2014 emergency drought relief legislation, the CCC established five crews trained to assist with water conservation work.  The crews are based in Napa, Norwalk, San Bernardino, Santa Maria and Stockton and travel throughout the state to do turf removal and install irrigation systems.  They also install low-flowplumbing fixtures.

This month, the CCC has been working in Rialto and has removed 28,000 square feet of turf along a median strip. Once the grass is removed, a drip irrigation system will be installed to water the existing trees. The project is estimated to save some one million gallons of water each year.

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Inland Empire corpsmembers remove turf for the City of Rialto.  Photo by Steven Hall. 








Openings available on veterans crews specializing in firefighting, fisheries work.  Veterans up to age 29 are eligible. Click on the "Apply Now" link above to join.