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 Since July 1, the CCC has devoted more than a half-million hours to firefighting efforts on all of the major fires throughout the state. Crews from every center were dispatched, and the corpsmembers worked 16-hour days.

The top three fires in terms of CCC participation were the Rough Fire (Fresno County); the Rocky Fire (Colusa, Lake and Yolo counties); and the Butte Fire (Amador and Calaveras counties). 
The biggest single emergency response day was August 18, with 56 crews and 722 corpsmembers out on 14 different incidents.  But it wasn't a record -- that was 2008, when the CCC had 800 corpsmembers dispatched at one time.

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Jerem y Day's Camarillo fire crew is shown on the Rustic Fire in Simi  Valley. 








Openings available on veterans crews specializing in firefighting, fisheries work.  Veterans up to age 29 are eligible. Click on the "Apply Now" link above to join.