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Six CCC crews -- a total of 81 corpsmembers and staff -- depart October 14 for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The crews will spend a month helping with cleanup efforts following the devastating August flooding.

The crews will "muck and gut" buildings, removing carpet, drywall and flooring as well as other wet or moldy material. Once that work is completed, contractors will be able to begin the rebuilding and renovation efforts.

The crews dispatched to Louisiana are based in Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Pomona, San Bernardino, San Diego and San Luis Obispo.

Following Hurricane Rita in 2005, the CCC sent a similar contingent to Louisiana for recovery work.

Funding for the effort is provided by FEMA through the Corporation for National and Community Service.​

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Tahoe corpsmember Randolph Young presents a bronzed hiking boot to Gov. Brown at the CCC's 40th anniversary ceremony at the Capitol.  CCC Director Bruce Saito is at right.

CCC 40th Anniversary Celebrations
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Openings available on veterans crews specializing in firefighting, fisheries work.  Veterans up to age 29 are eligible. Click on the "Apply Now" link above to join.